Why Your Portfolio Should be Diversified 

Diversification is the technique of spreading your portfolio into multiple different investments.

This will allow your long-term investments to have less of a risk and in the best case scenarios, it would higher the growth rate for profits because of the diversification.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will have no risk because every investment has some sort of risk, but having a diversified portfolio will reduce that risk, especially if anything ever happened to the markets like in the 2008 Global Financial 

 “Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch

Investing For Millennials 101

Millennials are the next age to produce or start to produce their plan for wealth or plan for life and how they plan on living it.

So, the real question comes down to what are your true priorities in life and how to get your mind and lifestyle right so that those priorities are more secure in your life.

Now, I will tell you that if you plan on just partying it up or don’t have the motivation to make a name for yourself or family, then this might now be the right place for you.

The main thing for investing is really to have as many plans or even ideas for your life as possible, even if there are thousands of skills that you may have, write them all down and then pick the ones that mean the most and make a career about your idea if there is not one already. Now, this is just for the entrepreneurs out there or even philanthropists.

For millennials, the key to invest is to make risks and to take every opportunity that is given to you, even if it’s a door-to-door sales position, this is actually the best way to converse with people and to get more comfortable with doing business.

But, with risky investing for Millennials in this day of age, there is more time to make a success out of your investments than to learn later down the road and waste time when you could be making money from your money that is hard earned.

In this lesson, I am going to talk about a few good ways to invest for the Millennial Era and giving definitions to each.

First, we have the more common, stock trading or equity trading, which is a person or company that is involved in trading equity securities(stocks).

You can learn more about this with various different free courses on the internet or even through youtube, which is where the main traders will post free lessons on how to learn the secrets to financial freedom or just an extra income.

The last strategy that will be discussed in the section will be retirement plans such as a 401k, IRA, Self-Directed-IRA or other forms. 

Retirement plans are mainly managed by a company that invests your money so that by the time you reach your retirement age, you will be ready to live the remaining years without having to worry about your finances, but the average retirement age is 59 1/2, so that faster you get to retire, the more time you will have to enjoy.

In the next section, I will go into other different forms of investing and after, we will go through in depth of all of the ways to invest.




Stocks Fall as North Korea Missile Test Rattles Investors



“An even greater crisis may be looming in Korea,” Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, said in a client note on Tuesdays morning. “Chances of strategic strikes on North Korean missile sites have increased significantly after a reckless missile launch last night that unnerved the Japanese. Trump’s generals have plans drawn up, yet they are urging him to delay any action — but sanctions and war games have their limits, and this issue is now the single greatest threat to financial markets.”

Damage Done to the US Stock Markets

  • The benchmark S&P 500 declined 0.1% to 2,442.73 as of 1:01 p.m. ET after falling as much as 0.7% earlier in the day
  • The more tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 climbed 0.3% after declining more than 0.9% in the morning hours
  • The Dow nudged 0.1% higher after losing as much as 0.6% in the morning
  • The CBOE Volatility Index — or VIX — climbed 5.2% to 11.91 following a 27% spike earlier in the day. The stock market fear gauge hit a record low last month, but has spiked several times over the past couple weeks on North Korea news